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    A Look at Our Physical Rehab Services

    Last updated 1 day 4 hours ago

    Physical rehabilitation can provide the bridge to wellness that many people need after suffering a major injury or illness. That is why Trident Health houses a sports medicine and rehabilitation department at our Charleston hospital. As its name indicates, this department can address the unique needs of individuals with sports-related issues. Our physical therapists can recommend exercises to both strengthen injured areas and help protect them from future problems.

    Our center can address a wide range of other medical conditions as well. Due to failing eyesight, strength, balance, and mobility, many seniors are at risk for serious falls that can lead to permanent disability and death. Our rehabilitation department can help older individuals improve their physical health to avoid this common problem. We also offer specialized care for those with specific medical conditions, including spinal injuries, neurological trauma, and skin burns.

    Let Trident Health help you get back on track to wellness. Call (843) 277-6062 to find out more about our sports medicine and rehabilitation services for the greater Charleston community. Our website also details the assortment of medical conditions that our sports medicine and rehab specialists can address.

    What Are the Symptoms of Heart Valve Disease?

    Last updated 5 days ago

    Like many other types of cardiovascular disease, heart valve disease can go undetected for extensive periods of time before a diagnosis is made. Yet for those with noticeable warning signs, receiving medical treatment as soon as possible can help to avert more serious heart complications and greater health deterioration. Trident Health urges all residents in the greater Charleston region to contact our facilities if they experience any of the following issues.

    Chest Discomfort

    Many people associate chest pain with heart attacks. While true that this warning sign may indicate a blood clot or blockage, it can also point to heart valve disease. No matter the underlying cause, individuals who suffer from chest discomfort should seek immediate ER care so that the reason for their pain can be identified and addressed as soon as possible.


    Heart valve disease can produce physical symptoms as well. In particular, this condition can lead to fluid retention in the body. Some people may notice that their ankles and feet are swollen. Others may suffer from fluid retention in their lungs or abdomen, making them feel heavy and bloated. Fluid retention can also be misperceived as general weight gain.

    Breathing Issues

    Edema of the lungs can also make it more difficult for heart valve disease sufferers to breathe with ease. This warning sign may become most apparent when in a reclining position. Trying to engage in strenuous activity can also make breathing more labored than normal.


    When the body cannot get enough oxygenated blood, cellular function can go into decline. Cells require a constant supply of oxygen in order to perform to the best of their abilities, so when heart valve disease depletes the amount of blood in the circulatory system, it can lead to chronic fatigue. Exhaustion can be a symptom of many conditions, but if it persists in the absence of other known causes, individuals may want to consult a physician for help.

    If you suffer from heart valve disease, you are not alone. The Valve Clinic at Trident Health can help you get your symptoms and condition under control. Call our Charleston hospital at (843) 277-6062 to speak with a Consult-A-Nurse representative about your concerns.

    How Old Is Your Heart?

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Many factors, including your diet and workout routine, can influence the health of your heart. Now Trident Health is making it easier to know how these factors are affecting your heart’s true age.

    This video discusses the health profiler services that Trident Health provides for local residents. The health profiler program can quickly give users a look at how their habits help or hurt their health. Given how common heart disease is across the United States, the health profiler can prove instrumental in helping people improve their lifestyle behaviors before major heart problems begin to develop.

    Preventive health is essential for a long and vibrant future. For more information on the health profiler program, call Trident Health at (843) 277-6062. You can also visit our website to learn about our Health to You wellness program for Charleston residents. 

    Important Players on the Cancer Care Team

    Last updated 12 days ago

    A cancer diagnosis can be an unsettling event. After the diagnosis, patients can see how quickly their team of cancer care experts assembles to fight and eliminate the disease. Cancer can be a complex medical condition, which is why it often requires multiple physicians—each with a particular specialty in cancer care. The Cancer Center at Trident Health staffs several cancer experts so that patients can enjoy the most comprehensive treatment available.

    Medical Oncologist

    An oncologist is a doctor who specializes in cancer care. When a person learns that he has cancer, he typically must consult with a medical oncologist. This type of physician can determine how advanced the disease may be. Depending on the staging results, the medical oncologist can also create a cancer care strategy according to the individual health needs of those he treats.


    Cancer refers to the presence of malignant cells in the body. To help patients return to good health, the cancer care team might determine that manually removing malignant cells via surgery is a viable treatment option. In many cases, patients can experience a full and healthy life even if they must have a portion of a diseased organ removed through surgery. Technological advancements, including robotic surgery, can now make the surgical removal of cancer cells easier for smaller and more complex areas.

    Radiation Oncologist

    Radiation is a type of cancer treatment that may be given in conjunction with surgery. If the cancerous growth cannot be removed through surgical methods, radiation may be used instead. A radiation oncologist typically decides how radiation can be administered to eradicate cancer cells from the body. In many cases, radiation therapy can be given on an outpatient basis with few or no noticeable side effects.

    Let Trident Health help you overcome your cancer diagnosis. Our Cancer Center offers capable and compassionate care within the greater Charleston community. For more information on how our cancer care experts can put you back on the path to wellness, call (843) 277-6062.

    Symptoms of Heart Valve Dysfunction

    Last updated 13 days ago

    The heart contains four valves that help move blood through the organ’s four chambers. Each valve has flaps that stop blood from flowing back into the previous chamber. If one or more of these flaps do not fully open and close, it can affect overall cardiac function. Because reduced cardiac function can impact the amount of oxygenated blood that flows to the rest of the body, some people with heart valve dysfunction may feel faint or lightheaded. This problem can also affect respiratory function. Some people with this condition might feel discomfort in the chest region or an unusual heartbeat. Any or all of these symptoms may indicate the need for medical attention.

    Do you often feel dizzy or short of breath? If so, you may have a heart valve condition. Call Trident Health in Charleston today at (843) 277-6062 to speak with one of our Consult-A-Nurse representatives. Our healthcare experts can help you decide if your concerns might point to a more serious problem.

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