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    Meet One of Our Outstanding Imaging Technologists

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Cancer care entails a team of medical specialists working together to help patients overcome their diagnoses. This video highlights one member of this important group of people.

    Trident Health is proud to have Wes as part of our diagnostic imaging department. Imaging is an essential part of the cancer treatment process, as it can alert doctors to the presence of cancerous growths. It can also provide information regarding the effectiveness of treatments in reducing tumors. Wes understands how crucial it is for cancer patients to feel supported during their treatment journey. That is why he loves helping them fight their diseases and return to health.

    At Trident Health, our cancer care specialists provide swift and comprehensive treatment. Call our Charleston hospital today at (843) 277-6062 to learn more about our diagnostic imaging services.

    Things to Bring to Our Pediatric Emergency Room

    Last updated 11 days ago

    An injury or illness that requires emergency pediatrics care can be a frightening event. In rushing your child to the hospital, though, it can be easy to forget a few key items that could both improve your child’s care and enhance his level of comfort. So before a medical emergency strikes, take the time now to get your ER needs in order. For more information on emergency pediatric services, contact Trident Health.

    Physician Information

    When you arrive at the ER, the triage nurse will be the first to greet you and assess the needs of your child. To help the emergency room staff better understand your child’s condition, they may need to contact his primary care physician. Especially when a child has a chronic condition such as a food allergy or asthma, the primary care physician can quickly update the ER doctors and nurses on the particulars of his current care.

    Medical History Documentation

    Letting the emergency room staff know your child’s medical history can also prove critical to his treatment. Though you may know the details of your child’s health better than any other person, it can still be difficult to recall all the information that the ER might need. To make sure that the staff has all pertinent data at its disposal, you may want to take some time to write down your child’s medical history and have a sheet ready when you arrive at the hospital.

    Overnight Bag

    Emergency pediatrics typically entails the treatment of children with critical medical needs. Even in such serious cases, though, it may take several hours or more before your child receives treatment or can leave the hospital. Under some circumstances, you child’s condition may be so significant that he is admitted for overnight care. To help your child remain calm and comfortable for the duration of his hospital stay, bring a bag that contains some of his favorite toys, books, or other belongings.

    The emergency pediatrics department at Trident Health can see to it that your child receives the highest level of care in the shortest amount of time. To find out more about our ER services, call (843) 277-6062. You can also go to our website for a list of our complete healthcare options for Charleston residents.

    Are You a Candidate for Knee Replacement Surgery?

    Last updated 13 days ago

    Surgery of any kind is a significant undertaking that requires careful consideration on the part of the patient and his physician. Yet in some circumstances, surgical treatment can offer the relief that other orthopedic care alternatives fail to provide. As many Trident Health patients can attest, knee replacement surgery can alleviate the discomfort and mobility problems of osteoarthritis and other conditions. Knowing if you make an eligible surgery candidate is the first step to getting the lasting relief you deserve.

    You have tried conservative treatment options

    With the first pangs of knee pain, a doctor might recommend rest, medication, and exercise. Though these remedies might provide temporary relief, people with progressive conditions might find these options inadequate to address their discomfort and stiffness. If you can no longer enjoy life because medication and exercise cannot ease your symptoms, knee replacement might be the right choice for you.

    You can no longer move with ease

    Deterioration of the knee joint can quickly impact your everyday independence and mobility. While some people may eventually eliminate more rigorous activities from their normal schedules, knee pain can become so great that even simple actions such as getting out of bed or walking around the house become painful and difficult. If your knee discomfort prevents you from carrying out simple movements, it might be time to consider knee replacement surgery.

    You still experience symptoms while at rest

    Compounding the problem for some people is that they cannot escape their symptoms no matter what they do. Movement often triggers knee pain, but even during rest, some people may feel discomfort. Inflammation of the knee joint can also create bouts of swelling and tenderness that become more chronic as time goes on. If your symptoms persist even when you sit or sleep, talk to an orthopedic doctor about knee replacement surgery. In a matter of months, you could be back on your feet and once again enjoying life without knee pain.

    Do you suffer from chronic knee pain? Take our free online knee health assessment to learn about what you can do to alleviate your symptoms. You can also call Trident Health at (843) 277-6062 to find out more about our knee replacement surgery services for Charleston residents.

    Busting Myths About Diabetes

    Last updated 17 days ago

    Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? Do you have a friend or family member with this disease? Though approximately 25 million people have diabetes, numerous myths still persist about how it develops and what it means for the health of those with it. Trident Health hopes to educate and empower those with this condition through our diabetes management services.

    Diabetes Necessitates the Use of Insulin

    Diabetes is a metabolic condition in which the body cannot properly produce or use the hormone insulin to help convert food to energy. However, the use of artificial insulin depends on the type and severity of the patient’s condition. Type 1 diabetes necessitates the use of artificial insulin, as the body cannot create it on its own. Only with regular injections can type 1 diabetes sufferers keep their blood glucose levels stable. However, type 2 diabetes may not require insulin injections. In some cases, patients can maintain their blood glucose levels with healthy lifestyle habits.

    Individuals with Diabetes Must Eliminate Certain Foods from Their Diets

    Different foods can have varying levels of impact on blood glucose levels. For instance, simple carbohydrates may lead to a fast and dramatic increase of blood glucose, and complex carbohydrates and proteins may cause a more gradual rise. Diabetes sufferers do not necessarily need to remove foods from their diets, but they must be careful to assess and monitor the impact of every meal and snack on their blood glucose levels.

    Diabetes Is Passed from Parents to Children

    Diabetes experts believe that the risk of diabetes can be higher in families where one individual already has the disease. Unlike some medical conditions, though, the children of parents with diabetes are not inevitably destined to have the disease as well. Even with an increased risk of it, other family members can greatly reduce their chances of developing diabetes if they adhere to nutritious eating habits and regular exercise regimens. Keeping weight at a healthy number can also lessen the danger of getting diabetes in the future.

    Are you wondering how diabetes might change your life? To speak with a professional about your concerns, call Trident Health at (843) 277-6062. Our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral experts can explain in further detail the benefits of our diabetes management services. 

    A Look at Our Physical Rehab Services

    Last updated 20 days ago

    Physical rehabilitation can provide the bridge to wellness that many people need after suffering a major injury or illness. That is why Trident Health houses a sports medicine and rehabilitation department at our Charleston hospital. As its name indicates, this department can address the unique needs of individuals with sports-related issues. Our physical therapists can recommend exercises to both strengthen injured areas and help protect them from future problems.

    Our center can address a wide range of other medical conditions as well. Due to failing eyesight, strength, balance, and mobility, many seniors are at risk for serious falls that can lead to permanent disability and death. Our rehabilitation department can help older individuals improve their physical health to avoid this common problem. We also offer specialized care for those with specific medical conditions, including spinal injuries, neurological trauma, and skin burns.

    Let Trident Health help you get back on track to wellness. Call (843) 277-6062 to find out more about our sports medicine and rehabilitation services for the greater Charleston community. Our website also details the assortment of medical conditions that our sports medicine and rehab specialists can address.

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